To apply for selected MA programmes for the summer semester of academic 2019/2020 year candidates submit their official application documents:

      • In person or via a representative who has a notarially attested letter of administration and the right to sign the necessary documents during the period from 28.01.2020 till 30.01.2020

Applicants submit the following documents:

  • 1. ONLINE REGISTRATION NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT – Registration via our online platform – must be performed by a representative of the faculty.
  • 2. Original and a copy of your Bachelor diploma if it is issued by a Bulgarian university.
  • 3. Recognition of the diploma is required if it is aquired in a foreign higher education institution. The procedure is explaned HERE. Please have in mind that the procedure takes at least two months or more and it should have already started before you apply for a master’s programme at Sofia University.

    • If you have your diploma recognized by the Sofia University, please submit the original and a copy of the Recognition certificate you were given and a copy of the diploma and all its supplements. You need to sign the application form which you are going to receive from a representative of the faculty
    • If you have just started the procedure, please submit a copy of the diploma and all its supplements and a copy of the incoming number you were given by the Inspector “Recognition of foreign higher education” in the International Students’ Admission Office.  Please have in mind that if your diploma is not recognized by the end of the registration, you may not be accepted by the university

    4. A document that certifies the payment of the application fee. Candidates must pay BGN 30.00 application fee to be allowed to apply and BGN 30.00 for each exam if they are more than one. Some programmes accept grades from other exams in the faculty. In case you are applying for more than one programme, please consult with us at

    The application fee can be paid:
    1. In cash – 15, Tzar Osvoboditel Blvd.
    2. Via a bank Transfer to the account of Sofia University:
    Bulgarian National Bank – Central Office
    IBAN: BG52 BNBG9661 3100 1743 01
    Sofia University “St. Kl. Ohridski”
    Depositor: the full name of the applicant.

    5. Other documents required by the programmes

  • Please have in mind that your application is not finished until you receive an incoming number and a confirmation from a representative of the faculty. In case you have to sit for an examination and/or get interviewed  for the programme/s you are applying for, this infromation will be sent to you in due form.
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