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Please fill in this form if are NOT a Bulgarian citizen and you are applying for a programme taught in English. Otherwise, please register HERE

Applicants from non EU/ EEA member countries - please use THESE instructions instead  and contact International Students' Admission Office

Before you start filling the form below you must prepare the following documents:

1. Your ID document. A copy of your ID document may be required on a later stage by the Rector's administration as a proof for your citizenship and your right to apply as a EU/ EEA citizen.

2. A copy of the higher education diploma and all its supplements and translation in Bulgarian

3. Recognition of the diploma is required if it is acquired in a foreign higher education institution. The procedure is explained HERE. Please have in mind that the procedure takes at least two months or more and it should have already started before you apply for a master’s programme at Sofia University.

If you have your diploma recognized by Sofia University, please submit through the indicated fields below  a copy of the Recognition certificate you were given and a copy of your diploma and all its supplements and the translation in Bulgarian.

If you have just started the procedure, please submit through the indicated fields below a copy of the diploma and all its supplements and the translation in Bulgarian, plus a copy of the incoming number you were given by the Inspector “Recognition of foreign higher education” in the International Students’ Admission Office. 

Please have in mind that your diploma should be recognized by the end of the admission process (beginning of October), otherwise you may not be accepted by the university!

4. Other documents required by the programmes

5. Please do not pay any application fees in advance. A representative of the faculty will contact you and discuss the registration with you. Candidates must pay BGN 30.00 application fee to be allowed to apply and BGN 30.00 for each exam if they are more than one. Some programmes accept grades from other exams in the faculty.

Personal Data


I. Secondary education

II. Higher education

Additional higher education qualification

Desired programmes

Please indicate the programs you are applying for, starting with the most desired one. State funded forms only apply to EU/EEA citizens and additional entrance exams or interviews apply.


1.  I declare that all of the application documents submitted to Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” are authentic and the information included in all of them is true and correct.

2. I am informed that: The provided personal data is processed by Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” for the purpose of my Application and enrolment as a student at the University and I am aquainted with my right under GDPR and The Privacy notice for the  Students and PhD Students at Sofia University and the Information regarding the Data Protection Officer at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

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