Europa and globalizing world


Programme objectives

The MA programme aims at educating professionals to have expertise in the current and latest changes in European politics and processes of its globalization; it also aims to equip the students with analytic and creative skills in the field. The program has interdisciplinary profile and includes also courses in political and macro economy, as well as studies in changing European values and identity. A bachelor degree and good control of English is a requirement for all applicants.

Training and instruction (knowledge and skills required for successful occupational performance; general theoretical and special training etc.)

The two-semester programme provides courses taught in English by leading experts in the field. The students are trained in two European universities and have the opportunity to participate in international summer schools, attend specialized training modules related to the program curricula and enter exchange programs. The graduation requires public defense of a Master Thesis.

Professional competence

The programme provides to students with bachelor degree in Political Sciences, European Studies, Administration and Management or in related academic fields the opportunity to widen and deepen their qualification. They acquire specialized knowledge and training about the processes of decision-making in the institutions of EU and the EU member states related current and latest changes in European politics and society.

Professional realization

The graduates of the programme are qualified to work in all national, European and international institutions and organizations, especially in divisions dealing with EU politics. They may hold executive and managerial positions in the state administration, the public and private sector that require competences in the field of European politics or work as consultants and/or political analyst in the media.