Director: Prof. Snezhana Ilieva, PhD, DSc



The Master’s programme in Organizational psychology and cross-cultural management is designed to prepare professionals to explore and analyze organizational processes and behavior in the context of intercultural interaction and cooperation. The preparation is carried out in problem areas which are basic for contemporary organizations: cross-cultural communication, cross-cultural work and organizational psychology, intercultural dialogue and conflict management, organizational development and consulting, human resources management, coaching and leadership development, team management and development, virtual work and organization, diversity and multiculturalism in organizations.

The Master’s programme in Organizational Psychology and cross-cultural management provides knowledge and skills in the field of organizational psychology, taking into account cross-cultural perspective in the study of human behavior in organizations, and meets their requirements for cross-cultural competence and tolerance in human resources development. The third term provides disciplines with primarily applied orientation allowing and helping students to write their final thesis. The Master’s programme ends with a thesis defense. The thesis represents a theoretical and empirical research in scientific field, selected by the student, which is implemented under the guidance of a supervisor. The defense of the thesis takes place after the third semester in front of a scientific committee of professors.

Graduates of the Master’s programme can have career development as organizational psychologists, organizational consultants, and specialists in organization development and human resources management in national and international organizations. They can work as experts and trainers, organizational consultants, specialists in organizational diagnosis and organization development, human resource management and recruitment managers, as well as occupying managerial positions in organizations in the public and private sectors.

To qualify for the MA programme in Organizational psychology and cross-cultural management, applicants should:

  • Have received a Bachelor degree with good results from a recognized university.
  • Have a proof of proficiency in written and spoken English.
  • Provide curriculum vitae.
  • Attend an interview.

Applicants who successfully pass the interview will be ranked based on the Overall Average Grade of their Bachelor studies.