1. Educational goal:

The programme will suit graduates intending to work in the area of labour markets and HR, as well as those already working in the field and wanting to advance their careers.

  1. Educational knowledge and skills:

Building on your understanding of the theory and practice of HRM techniques, it provides a professionally focused and research informed blend of academic and practical information, encouraging critical reflection on current HRM approaches and labour markets studies. The basic courses include introduction to management, organizational behaviour, labour economics, labour law, empirical research. This programme offers interesting and challenging specialized modules on topics such as personnel planning and recruitment, performance and reward management, labour relations and conflict management, organizational change management, international HRM, research methods. There is a requirement to undertake an 4-week internship designed to develop the student as an HR professional and adviser.

  1. Professional competences:

Competences in all areas of human resources management and development; consultancy and research competences in the field of labour markets and employment policies.

  1. Professionalization:

Human resources manager, analyst and researcher.