Orientation, major teaching objectives

International politics and security studies develop dynamically as the result of the processes of globalization and the ensuing changes. Specialists in the field of International Relations and Security Studies are therefore expected to acquire new qualifications and knowledge which would assist their analyses of ongoing political processes.  This graduate program offers knowledge and expertise in four general areas:

  • The post-Cold War History of International Relations;
  • International and Regional Security Studies;
  • Conflict Management;
  • Regional Studies.

General and specific curriculum requirements

The length of study in this graduate program is 3 semesters. Students graduate with a defense of MA thesis. In the course of the study students are supposed to acquire:

  • professional knowledge about key processes, actors and events in international politics and international security;
  • analytical capabilities for the assessment of global and regional international security issues;
  • training in conducting individual research in the field of international relations and security studies;
  • writing training;
  • communication skills; training in team work and project management.

The graduates from this program will be qualified to take part in the research, analysis and foreign policy making.

Professional competences

The graduates from this program are supposed to know:

  • basic concepts and theories in the field of international relations;
  • political systems and institutions in Bulgaria and the world;
  • Bulgarian electoral systems and foreign electoral systems.

Professional realization

 A. General professional realization

The graduates from this program would be eligible for positions in the state administration, in the legislation and executive, as well as in the media. The non-governmental sector and the business are also seeking professionals with degrees in the field of international relations and security.

В. Specialized professional realization:

The graduates from this program would be eligible for positions in the state institutions, specialized in the field of security and international relations; in the media as political analysts of international politics; in non-governmental organizations, endowments, consulting offices of political parties, consulting offices in the private sector; as instructors in civic education, as experts-, and national representatives in international organizations, as officials in the national diplomatic missions.