Orientation and educational purposes

Political management is a specific interdisciplinary program that enables university education to adapt to the development and functioning of political institutions in the postmodern world. It combines the knowledge and practical skills that are necessary for a wide range of experts and policy makers related to management issues in the political sphere.

Master’s program provides knowledge and skills in four major areas: analytical methods and techniques necessary for political activity management, strategic planning and campaign management, decision making, communication management.

Learning (knowledge and skills necessary for successful professional activity, total theoretical preparation and special training, etc.).

The term of study in the Master’s program is 3 semesters and ends with the development of a master’s thesis. During the course students should acquire:

  1. thorough knowledge of:
  • problems and practices in the field of political management at the level of political institutions
  • political organizations and parties
  • civil unions and pressure groups;
  1. analytical skills to: assessing trends and developments in the functioning of the policy making and the management of political processes;
  2. abilities:
  • for self-examination of the events and processes involved in political management
  • preparation, writing and editing of written texts in political management
  • for data analysis;
  1. good communication skills:
  • oral presentation skills and self-representation;
  1. skills in teamwork, project management.

Professional competence

  • thorough knowledge of the methods and techniques of political management;
  • analytical skills to assess the trends and developments in internal political processes;
  • management skills for political campaigns;
  • capacity for self-examination of the events and processes in political management;
  • ability to prepare, write and edit program, advertising, and other documents in the field of political management;
  • good communication skills, oral presentation and self-representation; skills for data analysis, teamwork and project developments.


Graduate students in Political Management could find an effective professional realization in the field of public policy: political offices in the Council of Ministers and senior administration. They are prepared to work with and to participate in the political elite. Depending on their own preferences and by individual chosen disciplines, they can form the accent in their future career development: analysts and experts, organizational activities and activities aimed at the public presentation of political activity.