Programme objectives

The Programme is focused on specialized education and training in the field of European Integration and especially on the EU decision-making process and the involvement of EU in international negotiations. The partnership with the Diplomatic Institute – Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides educators with valuable diplomatic experience and guarantees high quality training in negotiation skills as well as working with official documents, preparation and conducting of public events. The programme offers compulsory foreign language courses, aiming to develop skills for public speaking, chairing sessions and moderating discussions. The curriculum also includes joint courses with the MA programme “E-Europe”.

Training and instruction (knowledge and skills required for successful occupational performance; general theoretical and special training etc.)

The graduates acquire knowledge and skills for negotiation and decision-making in:

  • participation of the EU in international negotiations and international trade negotiations
  • political processes in the EU institutions and European democracies
  • EU common policies and the enlargement process

The programme offers specialized foreign language teaching in English and French terminology of the EU institutions, in public speaking skills as well as chairing sessions and moderating discussions.

Professional competence

The Master Programme enhances the knowledge in EU affairs and creates systematic practical skills, which guarantee a high degree of competitiveness of the students as experts in all European and national institutions, related to European integration issues; working with EU documents and issues related to EU membership in the Bulgarian public administration, business organizations, NGO-sector;; participation in international negotiations and the EU decision-making process; carrying out Bulgaria’s responsibilities as an EU member state (for example the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU).

Professional realization

As qualified experts in all national and international institutions and organizations, working in the field of European integration, the graduates can hold executive and managerial positions in the state administration, the public and private sector that require competences in the field of European integration or to work as consultants or political analyst in the media.