Duration of the training: 2 semesters
Form of training: distance
Language of training: English
Program Director: Professor Tatyana Dronzina
Contact Information: +359 2 800 51 11, 322
е-mail: dronzina.ma@gmail.com

  1. A. Program “Political pathologies of the global world (in English)” empowers students to analyze events, which threaten the normal functioning of the political systems and societies in the contemporary global world. The program consists exclusively of courses, which give applicable and practical knowledge in the field of the terrorism, radicalization, and corruption, combating of the organized crime, religion and violence. The teaching staff of the Program consists of qualified international experts. The Duration of this M. A. Program is 2 semesters. It ends with the writing of a master thesis. All students must acquire during the training:
  • Knowledge about the pathologies of the global world
  • Skills for research of processes and events in the relevant field
  • Skills for preparation, writing and checking of information in the relevant m field
  • Skills for searching, analyzing and verification of information about the global networks
  • Skills for sharing of knowledge, experience and good practices through the global network
  • Skills for creating and using of networks
  • Skills to identify, analyze and evaluate political pathologies of the global world
  • Skills to analyze their influence on the political systems and institutions of relevant societies
  • Skills for an early warning of the rise of political pathologies and for increasing public awareness about the threats and challenges they rise
  • Skills to develop strategies for prevention of and dealing with political pathologies of the global world

On the basis of these skills and knowledges all students will receive the following professional competences:

  • Understanding of nature, forms and trends in modern terrorism, corruption, radicalization and violence
  • Defense of the national, regional and global security systems against such threats
  • Using of internet as a place for organizing counteraction to them
  • Creating and using of networks as a method of exchanging of knowledge, experience and good practices in the prevention and dealing of terrorism, corruption, radicalization and using of religion as a tool of legitimizing the political violence.

Students, who successfully graduate the M. A. Program “Political pathologies of the global world in English” can work in the security field, in the government and local institutions, in media and non-governmental organization, in public policy sector as advisors, experts and managers.
Required documents for master’s application

  1. Letter of Motivation – Motivation letter should be no longer than 500 words. Work experience that relates to program considered an asset.
  2. Bachelor Diploma (certified copy)*. You must have successfully completed a bachelor degree at a recognized university.

Note: If you have not yet received the diploma, but are in your final year, you may submit documentation from your university, certifying that you are an active student in your last semester. The document must be issued through and certified by a representative of the Academic Registrar’s Office, the Examinations Office, or equivalent.

  1. Proof of English proficiency (Language Certificate or Diploma).
  2. Priority will be given to candidates, who have publications, regarding the topic of the Program.

Evaluation of applicants
The final grade of the applicants includes three parts:

  1. Overall performance from the Bachelor Diploma (max 3 points)
  2. Proof of English proficiency: (max 3 points)
  3. Letter of Motivation: (max 3 points)
  4. Publications (if applicable): 1 point

Each part of the final grade is defined as follows:

  1. Overall performance of the Diploma:

А) Good 4 = 1 point;
Б) Above good 4 – very good 5 = 2 points;
В) Above very good 5 – excellent 6 = 3 points.

  1. The proof of English proficiency is evaluated on the basis of internationally recognized Certificate such as IELTS. Very good 5 is required to pass this part of the grade.
  2. The letter of motivation is evaluated by the Bulgarian grading system, where poor 2 is the lowest grade, and excellent 6 – the highest.
  3. All publications are evaluated if they have connection to the topic of the M.A. Program.

All candidates must submit their application documents on the Program’s e-mail before the deadline.